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Ballistic-X is a product of necessity! We set out to design an App to allow shooters everywhere to quickly quantify the performance of their barrel, ammo, and skill. Before entering the development phase, we sought input from credible shooters throughout the industry. Because of this, we believe we have created THE industry standard! Ballistic-X is available for Android and Apple devices!


Shot Group Calculator

Easily measure shot groups with just a few steps with your your phone. No need for the use of a measuring tape or calipers provided your target has a clear grid/size reference built in. User can process live or after the range at home!


Save images with specific data to help log and track all of the information you need to assist with developing a load with your particular rifle.

Adjustment To Zero

Adjustment To Zero is our Optic Zeroing tool. Once user shoots a group and processes it, Ballistic-X gives user a readout in either MOA/MILS to adjust their scope perfectly. This feature works dynamically at whatever distance you are shooting rifle.



All information can be toggled to give user feedback in the various languages used in the Precision Rifle community. Overlay Options allow user to easily toggle what is displayed with just a touch.

Ballistic -X Features

Ballistic-X is the easiest way to calculate shot groups and to zero a rifle! Designed by shooters, the simple and intuitive interface allows user to setup their own preferences via our Options Menu. Options includes MOA/MIL, INCH/CM, and will work with any target, including Steel.

BX also offers useful data and labeling options that aid in Load Development.

Our ATZ (Adjustment To Zero) feature tells shooter precisely how to adjust turrets to bring rifle to Zero, allowing a perfect zero with fewer rounds shot. ATZ works dynamically at any range and is compatible with all turret options!

Workflow is simple:

  • Take image of Target (within App or from Library)
  • Designate reference size via Settings (default is 1”)
  • Mark the two points on target which coincide with reference (grid target or steel target). The distance between the two points is reference size.
  • Input distance from Target
  • Select the Caliber used
  • Mark Point Of Aim and Impacts
  • Add Overlay, Label, Crop, and Export / Share
  • Adjust Optic according to ATZ

Ballistic-X is a community driven App committed to the best user experience possible along with customer service second to none!

Compatibility : Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Languages : English

Age Rating : 4+

Category : Sports

Simon Lu

23 February 2020

Works ok. User interface is pretty good. There's no machine vision to autodetect the holes, so you'll have to do that manually. Also, group size is calculated as the bigger of your vertical extreme spread or horizontal extreme spread, so it's very sensitive to outliers ("flyers"). I don't see an option of x or y standard deviation so you'll have to manually exclude your "flyers."

Jerry Visage

3 February 2020

When I purchased this app there were compatibility issues with Android 10 that were preventing me from being able to use it. Within a week's time the developer pushed out two new versions, which have addressed all of the problems I was having. It is now fully functional for me and I'm quite happy with it. My thanks to the developer for stepping up and resolving the issues quickly!

April Tenney

9 February 2020

Currently not working in pixel 3. Was able to see a photo when taken directly from the camera, but the could not export even though it said the export was successful. Could not use any photos from storage. Update: was able to use a photo from storage and export it successfully to the ballistic x folder in Google photos!! UI is still a little clunky when saving, but the rest of the UI is very intuitive and simple to use.

Sean Cady

10 February 2020

Update: New version fixes file issue for loading photos. App works well and is intuitive. Would love to see a feature to summarize a large set of shots from across different targets based on point of aim to allow for larger group analysis. Also would be cool to overlay target from different times/configurations/environment.


21 Dec 2019

Easy Peasy
This app is awesome and does exactly what it claims. You no longer have to guess or bust out the tape measure to determine your group size. The apps ability to allow you to pick which huts you want and add personalized information onto the end product makes keeping up with load data a breeze. Ballistic-X will do everything but shoot your rifle for you.

That being said, if you think your 300 Blackout is a different caliber than your .308 then you should probably spend the money on a book that teaches you about the difference between a caliber and a cartridge.


9 Sept 2019

The best target-analysis app available!
Update to my previous review...

You guys have built a fantastically useful app. I am thoroughly impressed, and I’m updating my original review from 4 to 5 stars. I really appreciate you taking feedback and making tweaks. BTW, your user interface is simple, elegant, and uncluttered (one of the best I’ve seen).


Feel free to send us feedback and request new features. We will make every effort to make sure the app is glitch free and always up to date with the latest trends.

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